Gray Prison Train

Step right up fuckers. You have no choice anyway. You’re being sentenced to the worst time you could ever imagine. They call this big magnificent beast the GPT. That’s short for Gray Prison Train you dense fools. You all are going to ride her for your entire sentence. Never stopping, never resting, always moving until […]

Devastate (The Drug)

As if there weren’t enough problems with all of the current drugs that were destroying lives, families, and killing people. The government came up with Devastate. The worst, most destructive drug thus far known to humankind. Created in a lab outside of Washington DC. This drug was a veritable monster. Frankensteinian in every single way […]

Week Of Death and Life

It’s been an interesting week. A friend passed too soon and too young in a car accident. Our cat Cleo passed and put us deeper into grief mode. We’ve been contemplating death and our own mortality as of late because of these circumstances. But the week finished on an interesting high note. My wife and […]


I just received a helluva shock. A friend and colleague just passed in a car accident Friday night. She left 2 children and it brought me right back to when my father died in a similar accident 38 years ago. Sadness pervades this day. Holly was a beautiful person. She will be sorely missed by […]

There Has to Be Another Way

Where has all the goodwill gone? Why do people seem to be at each other’s throats? The president of these United States has done a lot of things, but he has definitely polarized this country’s voters. The only thing left to do now is use that polarization to vote his divisive policies and generally ignorant […]

The Long Haul

I’ve been at this a looong time. I started writing for publication at 15 years of age and I’m now 52! Not exactly an overnight success. I published many stories, essays and poems in print and online, and my first 2 books were released by traditional publishers. Well, alcoholism got in the way a bit. […]