The Long Haul

I’ve been at this a looong time. I started writing for publication at 15 years of age and I’m now 52! Not exactly an overnight success. I published many stories, essays and poems in print and online, and my first 2 books were released by traditional publishers. Well, alcoholism got in the way a bit. Drug addiction as well. And then when I got clean, Bipolar Disorder reared it’s ugly head. All the while I got a divorce, raised 6 kids and remarried a woman that is my better half in more ways than one. My 2nd wife and I had a lot to contend with. Volatile exes, raising the kids all alone with little or no help, and of course that dubious old friend, crushing poverty. No matter how much I worked we couldn’t seem to make ends meet. Despite all of these obstacles we managed to put out 6 books, and the 7th is due out this December. It’s a true wonder how in the hell we made it through everything. I often marvel at this. So yeah, if you can find it in your heart to support a very “seasoned” wordsmith, stop by the site:

and pick up a book or two. The writing has had years to percolate and a lot goes into every word. Thanks so much and enjoy Kind Readers.

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