There Has to Be Another Way

Where has all the goodwill gone? Why do people seem to be at each other’s throats? The president of these United States has done a lot of things, but he has definitely polarized this country’s voters. The only thing left to do now is use that polarization to vote his divisive policies and generally ignorant agenda out in 2020.

I do believe that despite what either side may say, this president really needs to go. There has never been so much callous disregard for the little folks struggling in this great land. Well, of course there has been! Slavery and Genocide were birthed on this soil after all. I must always recognize and remember this! But I’m referring to the madness of right now.

Let’s attempt to understand each other’s concerns instead of demonizing one another. Politics that divide should be jettisoned whenever possible, and that time has truly come.

I’ve never been a big believer in voting, or what my small voice can actually do in the grand scheme of things. But this cycle is different and more important in many ways. I will vote for any candidate that attempts to implicate some measure of peace and kindness back into American life. And no matter what, I will not be voting for the current occupant of the oval office. He obviously bit off WAY more than he could chew. Let’s help him. Let’s perform the heimlich and be done with him once and for all.

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