Week Of Death and Life

It’s been an interesting week. A friend passed too soon and too young in a car accident. Our cat Cleo passed and put us deeper into grief mode. We’ve been contemplating death and our own mortality as of late because of these circumstances. But the week finished on an interesting high note. My wife and I attended our first Burlesque show. It was sexy, stimulating, and life affirming. This is probably why a lot of folks never fully get away from the grieving mindset, because they don’t do something that celebrates life afterwards. Bitterness creeps in and they lament the pain and unfairness of life.

It’s all about balance. When I slide into the wall at the end of this mortal coil, I want people to celebrate! Don’t sit around lamenting my death. As sad, or perhaps tragic as my death may seem, I believe I will move on to another adventure so there’s no sense overmourning me. Get through it and get on with your lives. Death is a new beginning. I sincerely hope that those who stuck with me through everything will continue my life through memory. And those who read my work will revisit and enjoy it while I am busy becoming a tree or something else organic with my putrifying, disgustingly ravaged, animal meal of a rotted corpse.

Horns up for that image!🤘

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