Devastate (The Drug)

As if there weren’t enough problems with all of the current drugs that were destroying lives, families, and killing people. The government came up with Devastate. The worst, most destructive drug thus far known to humankind. Created in a lab outside of Washington DC. This drug was a veritable monster. Frankensteinian in every single way from its inception, to its first use in the hood. Yes, of course it would be planted in the hood first. There was no better marketing campaign than the young and disenfranchised. They understood temporary escape like no one else. Devastate was administered in a new way. Much easier than smoking, shooting, or even snorting. Devastate was a cream that was applied to the skin and got you high through absorption. Soon you could see people slathering the stuff all over themselves, and wandering around out of their minds like zombies. The nickname heavy users got were “Caspers” because the cream was bright white. After a time folks began to overdose because they began to even eat the stuff. And when addicts got to that point they could only get high by swallowing it. Putting it on their skin no longer did the trick. The problem with swallowing the drug was that it was pure poison and addicts began literally shutting down their internal organs with the stuff. Soon, the population worldwide had thinned considerably. The government’s job was done. This monster drug had been aptly named. It had devastated humanity. Now there are literally just a few of us left. And of those few, I can see several covering themselves in the shit like it was sunscreen.

Devastate indeed.

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