The Soulless American Nightmare

My next book’s tentative release date is December 15th folks. Now’s the time to check out my other 6 books to become acquainted with what you’re getting into. I sincerely hope you fall down the F.J.G. rabbit hole and discover that reading can be an explosive, revolutionary act. At least that’s what this Writer is […]


I’ve had a helluva track record with dogs over the years. There was my first dog Moosie, a german shepherd, given to my aunt when my father determined that the Moose was getting too big and too violent with the kids. I was absolutely heartbroken. Then there was the golden retriever Royce, who ran away […]

David Sedaris

He is one of the funniest writers and speakers of all time. I saw him in the late 90’s in a theater in New Jersey and all he was doing was reading from one of his books. Yes, standing behind a podium onstage with nothing but a book, himself, and his wry wit. And it […]

Guerilla Promo

Ok folks, if you happen to find one of these cards in a restaurant, library, bookstore or even at the bus stop (among many other places), you’ve come to the right spot. Pick up a copy of one of my books available on the site, and let yourself fall down into the crazy world of […]